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Lalitha Mahal    

Lalitha Mahal


This is the Lalitha Mahal, built by the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore to host his most important guest, the Viceroy of India.

The Lalitha Mahal is now one of India's most opulent hotels, a palace hotel that offers an experience of princely living in a real Maharaja's palace.


On a little hillock of the Royal City of Mysore stands a shimmering White Palace - A majestic two storey composition of twin lonic columns with a projecting porch, on top of which rests a slightly recessed pedimented pavilion, spherical dome on the roof top placed on colonnaded drums. The central dome which dominates the elevation rises above the central entrance hall.

Set amidst sprawling terraced and landscaped gardens, this imposing edifice is the LALITHA MAHAL, commissioned on 18th Nov, 1921 by his Royal highness MAHARAJA KRISHNARAJ WADIYAR BAHADUR IV to house his most important guests.


The show piece interiors, with immaculately polished venation marble floors, priceless carpets, ornate Rose wood furniture and the stately balustrade staircase that sweeps up to the stately upper floor is breathtaking.

The central hall is adorned with life size portraits of the Royalty, lithographs portraying tippu Sultan's skirmishes with the British, decorative motifs on the walls and ceiling, stand Belgian glass dome, carved wood shutters, wall panels and myriad touches of regal embellishment.

The accommodation at this Heritage Hotel consists of 54 stately suites and rooms with tariff chargeable in US Dollars. LMPH also offers various packages to suit the needs of the discerning traveler.

The Viceroy, Vicerine, Duplex Suites and rooms of the Hotel are of princely proportions. They are cool, airy, high ceiling with plenty of natural light, period furniture, four poster beds, deep velvet covered arm chairs, gilt framed Belgian mirrors etc. The huge Awe inspiring Bathrooms are equipped with original Shanks of Scotland plumbing fixtures.

For the sports enthusiasts there are the Swimming Pool, Billiard Room, Tennis Court, Chess, Jogging Track and Health Club to choose from. LMPH has also tied up with the local Sheri Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar Golf course for the benefit of Golf Addicts.

The erstwhile Ballroom has been recreated as a Gourmet Restaurant open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The stunning Durbar ambience with rich lace curtains and Jharokas. In the Balcony, fragrant magnolia and mogra flowers in lacquered brass bowls on each table, burnished silver, pictures of all the Kings in the Wadiyar Dynasty (24, down the line) in malleable gold, service staffin ethnic attire, exotic greens and more is nothing less than Nostalgia. Amongst the most sought after dishes is the "MYSORE SILVER THALI" which brings together in several small bowls the finest array of South India's delicately spiced delights.

The hotel plans to setup an elaborate Health Club with Ayurveda and Yoga being the core competency. A large scale renovation is also on the cards wherein besides other things the hotel will do away with the carpets in the rooms and go for parquet tiles or wooden flooring.

LALITHA MAHAL PALACE HOTEL assures its guests a memorable, comfortable and pleasant Sojourn.